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***** New Video Released *****

Jan. 2018

****** Three Days with Little Joe ******



***** A Lesson with John Brumback *****




********** The Secret Art Of Pool *********

by Lee Brett





*********                 Bank Pool                *********

Secrets of a World Champion

by John Brumback





****** The Legends Instructional DVD Series ******



***** Pool 202 Principles of Pool *****

See Video Below



*** New DVD Pool 202 ***


Working off the Tangent Line            

  Pool 202 DVD


 The Pool 202 Principles of Pool

can be ordered separately,
or combined with the
Pool 101 package at a discounted price.


******************** Pool 101 ************************

 Proud to be the first product given the American CueSports "Seal of Approval"


The Stroke Test


Introduction to the Otto-Zone Trainer


Introduction to Bank shots



The Tangent Line



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