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***** New Video Released *****


**** A Lesson With John Brumback **** 

with John Brumback and Jim Griffith

Released Feb. 2013


******** The Secret Art of Pool ********

with Lee Brett

Released March 2012


*********         Bank Pool        *********

Secrets of a World Champion

by John Brumback

Released Jan. 2012



********** The Legends Instructional DVD Series **************




***** Pool 202 Principles of Pool *****

See Below



*** Pool 101 DVD and Trainer ***

 This is the first product to be awarded the American CueSports "Seal of Approval"

The "POOl 1O1 Introduction to Pool"  DVD started out as

 a Pool instruction DVD for my granddaughter. 




It has developed into an effort to share what I have learned from 40 years of playing pool,

studying all the instruction books, DVDs, videos and magazines I could get my hands on,

as well as knowledge gained in lessons I have taken from some of the top pro players today.

Here I am taking lessons with Johnny Archer and Earl Strickland.

My goal is to teach the intricacies of billiards in easy to learn steps

starting with the fundamentals and progressing through the advanced levels of play,

 to shorten the learning time required to develop  a consistent game of pool.

Andrew Allison Fisher

In the process of filming the video,  explaining the aiming point for cut angles,

I invented the OTTO-ZONE TRAINER™.

This trainer is the easiest aiming tool to use that I have seen.

Andrew Vivian Villarreal

Unlike like the ghost ball aiming system

where you  try to see the cue ball to object ball contact point. 

The OTTO-ZONE TRAINER teaches a much easier to see and learn aiming point.

Once you learn this aiming point you will be amazed at how easily you will be pocketing balls!


Andrew Monica Webb

If you can roll the cue ball down a straight line you can learn to pocket any cut shot using my trainer!

And the first half of the DVD will teach you to consistently do just that.

Me at 13



We are pleased to announce the release of our second video

Pool 202 Principles of Pool


Click Disc for DVD menu

This DVD picks up where Pool 101 left off.



The Legends Instructional DVD Series

September 2011

Buddy Hall Nick Varner


It was a great honor to be chosen to capture these two world class

 professional pool players sharing their knowledge and insight. 

We spent 5 days together capturing what is sure to be historic video.

I want to thank Buddy, Nick, and Mark Cantrill

 of the Legends and Champions pool tours for contributions to

the pool world and for allowing me to be involved in this project.



January 2012


Bank Pool

Secrets of a World Champion

by John Brumback

I had contacted John in January 2011 about doing a video,

 we were finally able to work it out to get together in Oct. 2011.

John is a great guy and very good at teaching bank pool!

We had a good time and made a great video.

Thanks John!



March 2012

Lee Brett's DVD

"The Secret Art Of Pool"





Feb. 2013

"A Lesson with John Brumback"

with John Brumback and Jim Griffith

John brought his friend and long time student Jim Griffith to help in

this DVD.

This is a must have if you want to play bank pool at a higher level.


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